Groundbreaking platform providing 360o immersive training using VR and AI technology

AttainX team has built solutions in the area of VR simulation and training for Healthcare, Medical Education, and Industrial Design, among other industries. This application is built on AirV Labs Platform. For more information please visit

Our technology enables creation of rapid content for Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality scenarios. The platform combines AI+VR to allow a wide variety of applications including Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Safety and other industries to create stand alone or multi-player immersive environment for collaborated and distributed training solutions. Its groundbreaking proprietary authoring tool rapidly combines 360-degree videos with rich media, content, and text. Mixed reality modules developed by us can also be shared in a distributed environment for real time or offline experience using cloud server. It’s salient features include AI tools for analytics and key decision drivers among other unique functions.

AttainX AirVu: An Interactive Virtual Reality Curriculum Development and Deployment Platform

We have developed a rapid AI based platform which can produce a 60 minute highly detailed training solution in less than two weeks. Over 12 hours of VR training curriculum can be presented in a standalone VR system. Following are few scenarios developed on AirVu platform.

Firefighting VR prototype developed

A manufacturing skill training developed for automobile industry

Training healthcare professionals in an immersive VR

Using our proprietary technology, we can create a highly choreographed 360-degree video along with well-planned learning steps and additional media (such as augmented reality icons, markers, text, or audio etc.). Its features also include tracking eye and a virtual tutoring system with a cloud-based learning management system that uses machine learning from big data generated during large scale deployment.

AttainX team have created several initial curricula using AirVu platform. A cultural competency VR is being created for training doctors and nurses to experience and learn about implicit bias. A sepsis training system was developed in partnerships with doctors at OSF Healthcare systems in Peoria, IL, USA. This system is now being piloted with over 100 nurses and medical students taking part in a study. We also developed a food safety curriculum for Champaign County health department in Illinois, USA. The county recently passed an ordinance to use our VR system for mandatory training for new vendors, first of its kind in the U.S.