Achieving a fortified multifactor cyber security solution that addresses client concerns including gateways, firewalls, servers, network, applications.    

Cyber Security Ops


AttainX is a leading practitioner of DevSecOps, applying industry practices, solutions, and tools for complete integration of security in all levels of information technology. Combining SAFe and Agile practices, AttainX enables provable detection and remediation process improvement with industry standard frameworks and tools. (Possibility of building a FW for automation)

Privacy & Information Protection

Ensuring information quality, integrity, and privacy is perhaps the greatest challenge of our time. Partnering with US government, AttainX offers expertise and solutions for safeguarding sensitive information through data governance, quality assurance practices, and development of disclosure avoidance solutions to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Other Cyber Ops Support

AttainX supports our client with penetration testing, configuration, design and remediation, enterprise security architecture and design.

Cyber Defense

AttainX provides unique services in Security and Incident Event Management, Detection & Responses Services to the clients. Our cyber security team with customized industry best practices and governmental agency policies quickly deploy the workforce to ensure the next gen Firewall configurations, Network security defense, Social Engineering, Insider Threat, and  APT assessments.  We also assist our clients in proactive vulnerability and risk mitigation, application security and code reviews.

Cyber Security Consultation

Upon request AttainX, engages in consultation with their government partners and clients on the following activities:

  • Vulnerability and risk assessments support.
  • Security Operation Center (SOC) Policy and Plan development.
  • Incident response planning.
  • CMMC and DFARS assessments support.