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CoViFi is a Crowdsourced Social Platform that aids the Federal Government, State Governments, and allow citizens to share data to help fight COVID-19 and other pandemics. This product is designed and developed by AttainX, to help the citizens, the Federal Government, and the State Governments to fight Corona Virus or any other future pandemic. Our desire is to build a community platform to share, support and participate in a movement that can help. Human Beings raise up against natural pandemics and fight it with the best of technology and spirit.
The main features of CoViFi are:
• Social Distancing
• Contract Tracing
• Experience Sharing
• Neighbor Help


ICYou is an application that helps users report any incident, thereat, theft or natural hazards. Our sole intention behind this application is for the safety of every single person and to create an awareness among people of the incidents taking place in and around them. Many times, people are not aware of it, from a school bullying to some major car accident in this case ICYou takes care of it all. We will provide people with immediate communication and access to help in case of an emergency. This App alerts the law enforcement to act even quicker and better.

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