USDA OCIO Intelligent Automation (IA) Center of Excellence BPA

BPA includes support to the USDA OCIO Robotics Process Automation (RPA) program, which provides an enterprise-wide automation solution to automate and host automation. RPA supports process improvement activities by helping the department gain programmatic efficiencies and providing a mechanism for USDA to realize the benefits of intelligent automation.

The USDA RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) was created to help guide Mission Areas and Staff Offices through the process of ensuring RPA projects are efficiently and effectively delivered with a focus on customer service. The RPA Program enables enterprise-wide digital transformation, which reduces cost, increases speed, ease in processes manual data, and quality improvement. Robotic automation benefits low-risk efficiencies scaled in day-to-day operations. Studies have shown an average cost of a full-time employee (FTE) is about one-third the hourly rate of an average employee.