DHS: Acquisition Support Services

The services include support to cover all phases of the acquisition lifecycle (pre-award and post-award). processes, procedures, people, material, and information required to deliver, support, operate, and maintain the software aspects of the system. We modify the software system or component after delivery to correct faults; improving performance or other attributes; adapting to a changed environment or maintenance activities focused on anticipated problems; and performing preventative maintenance to support a continuously operating and reliable, stable, and secure application.

Support Areas

•  Acquisition practices
•  Ongoing contracting process improvements at the requiring activity level
•  Professional liaison activities with contracting
•  Seek out and identify contracting opportunities and vehicles that best meet the demands of the unique ICE mission
•  Form a cohesive team with all government personnel members by fostering transparency and information sharing for successful task execution.

AttainX supports improvements to procurement processes and practices, which result in meeting ICE mission requirements with best value by actively engaging in all phases of the procurement lifecycle.