NIWC 8(a) Incubators

NIWC Atlantic has requirements for C5ISR electronics and communications services and solutions in support of mission capabilities within its Portfolio mission areas.

NIWC Atlantic Programmatic Engineering and Logistic Support 8(a) Incubator is a multiple-award, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract covering the entire spectrum of non-inherently governmental services and solutions (equipment and services) associated with the full system lifecycle support including research, development, test, evaluation, maintenance, production and fielding of sustainable, secure, survivable, and interoperable Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C5ISR), Information Operations, Enterprise Information Services (EIS) and Space capabilities.NIWC 8(a) Incubators:

Task Areas

•  Technical and program management support
•  Design, development, integration and systems engineering support
•  Research and development support
•  Prototyping, production, model-making, and fabrication support
•  Technological opportunities and user needs assessment support
•  Interoperability, test and evaluation, trials and installation checkout support
•  Hardware and software support
•  Installation and in-service engineering support
•  Technical support
•  Integrated logistics support (ILS)
•  System safety engineering support
•  Training support
•  Operations and training exercise support
•  Configuration management (CM) support
•  Project quality assurance (QA) support
•  Software acquisition management support
•  Foreign military sales (FMS) support
• Procurement management support for equipment and material procurement
•  Architecture development support
•  Enterprise analysis and assessments support
•  Modeling, simulation, and analysis support
• Human systems integration, performance, and usability engineering support
•  Cybersecurity
•  Systems engineering management support.
•  Project management support
• Plan development, program plan execution, and integrated change control support
•  Risk management support
•  Measurement and analysis support
•  IT services requirements
•  IT general requirements
• Acquisition of commercial software products, hardware, and related services
•  IT position categories
•  Cybersecurity support