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Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives business growth.


AttainX is a Silver Level SAFe Partner dedicated to the principles of business agility through the application of Lean, Agile, and DevOps practices. The agile development in software is part of a larger movement towards more humane and dynamic workplaces in the 21st century. We help our clients not just to survive, but thrive, in environments with constantly changing demands and targets. Moreover, our staff is expert at finding value and prioritizing work that supports current organization needs and positions federal agencies for future opportunities


AttainX is providing a Virtual Reality platform called AirVu. VR dangles in front of our eyes a vision of the media’s future, changes in the ways we communicate, and the way we think about communication. It has defined the technology’s future by giving it a goal—the creation of virtual reality. Virtual reality is not a technology; it is a destination. Our team built the AirVu Authoring Tool, which allows presenter to create rich interactive 360 video, VR models and a range of other media. It has the below features.

•  360 Interact – Training and Safety
•  360 Analytics – Analysis automation for optimization
•  360 Recall – Industrial training for step-by-step instructions
•  Collaboration Deployment – presentation over the net or downloadable content
•  AI Platform – Saves data and provides custom content and assessment using AI



Cloud Service- Applications and Migration

AttainX has extensive experience in Cloud offerings, we have partnered with number of leading cloud providers to provide our clients with Cloud services. We work with various IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS providers including Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Salesforce etc., to achieve the success of our client’s missions and goals.
Every organization is planning or considering a migration to the cloud. While the benefits of cloud computing encompass improved efficiency, flexibility, major cost savings, and access to enterprise grade technology, cloud migrations are complicated. We understand our clients needs and make this a seamless process.


AttainX Cybersecurity team provide industry-leading security solutions for corporations seeking to protect their data from unwanted intrusions, to predict attacks, proactively respond to threats, ensure compliance, and protect data, infrastructure, applications. Strategically, to assure the system’s reliability & data / knowledge engineering, it is important to ensure data integrity, availability, traceability, and privacy. We are offering the transformative power of connected systems, cloud computing technologies – cloud systems – enable alignment of the digital transformation and cybersecurity ambitions with the corporate strategy of an enterprise.


Program Management Office

Our experienced professionals provide program oversight, guidance, coordination, and risk management for end-to-end strategic execution of high priority federal government initiatives. We use a structured and proven process to ensure projects align to strategic objectives and achieve desired business goals. Our program managers and project managers have adopted an Agile culture based on collaboration, adaptation, and transparency. We take ownership of every task and maintain accountability to ensure programs are on track. Our approach ensures successful completion of strategic and business objectives with a guaranteed return on your IT investment.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help the business to be agile, efficient, and cost effective. Our team of certified UiPath RPA professionals provide services using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities for automating tasks that are mundane but requires little or no human involvement. AttainX Inc. We can implement an RPA solution that meets an organization’s needs with a minimal to no change to its existing IT infrastructure and systems. The resulting RPA solutions can be seamlessly integrated with the enterprise applications.


AttainX provides general ledger integrity and financial management services support to procure services to produce reconciliations and analytics to ensure mandatory financial reporting and operational requirements are maintained at the Financial Services Center (FSC), Kansas City. Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC) is the USDA agency that manages CCC business activity. FPAC’s current financial management system is old and presents significant risk to Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC).

FPAC’s system specification is to modernize and improve CCC and FSA program delivery systems are underway, FPAC must also continue to perform operations and cleanup of GL balances to maintain and increase data integrity in preparation for migration to FMMI.  AttainX team has innovated both the financial reporting and the processing of financial information using automation, new tools and streamlined processes. Our team uses a reverse-engineering method to determine areas of improvement and/or optimization with the in-place financial reporting. Each step in the reporting processes is evaluated for potential improvement in efficiency, accuracy, and the timeliness of each step.

•  Over 30% improvements in accuracy and efficiency were simply gained by reengineering and modernizing the embedded database tools used previously at FPAC.

•  We developed multiple reporting products that integrates various application programs, data warehouses and the general ledger.  One such example is a recently developed management tool that integrated four data sources, one data warehoused and the general ledger resulting in FPAC having access to real time analytics and data from multiple sources for faster and efficient decision making.   


Our Salesforce integration consultants help you integrate any on-premises or cloud software products into the platform. We provide time and cost-effective solutions to:
•  Develop and maintain Salesforce Orgs.
•  Transition to Lightning web components
•  Enhance UX and customer experience.
•  Support software migration to Cloud
•  Redesign and enhance Salesforce instances.
•  Support Salesforce Enterprise Systems Integration

We understand the terminology and semantics of Salesforce technology. Our team knows the AppExchange and will provide guidance on available solutions. Our consultants discuss options, make recommendations, research organizational data, begin development and implementation, and closely monitor the project until completion.


AttainX offer creative and innovative Graphic and Media solutions that meet overall strategic objectives. We prepare a variety of graphical products needed to support and enhance operations, presentations, and publications using the appropriate software and hardware tools. There may also be times, such as creating and printing posters for conferences, when there will be high volume as well as quick-turnaround requirements. AttainX maintain staff onsite at ORD offices in Research Triangle Park, NC; Gulf Breeze, FL; Ada, OK; Duluth, MN; Cincinnati, OH, and Narragansett, RI, enabling us to continue to provide support for multiple divisions within ORD, including IOAA, NCCT, NCEA, NERL, NHEERL, NHSRC, NRMRL, OSIM, and OSP.

Successful G&M products convey ideas more easily than words, but innovative and artistic thought and consideration of design and implementation options differentiates products that really work from those that do not. Much of ORD’s communication to the outside world is via G&M products, and attention to detail is critical.